CCM RibCor 47K Grip Senior Hockey Stick

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The CCM Ribcor 47K is perhaps the stick in this new Ribcor line with the most bang for the buck offering key technology at a value.

The CCM Ribcor 47K is perhaps the stick in this new Ribcor line with the most bang for the buck offering key technology at a value. Ribcor has always been about generating efficient loading to achieve a quick releasing shot in a low-kick package and the 47K does just that with PopMatrix Technology while still providing excellent control and accuracy from the Ascent Blade.

The 47K features PopMatrix technology, a nice carry over technology seen in the Ribcor Trigger as well as last year’s Reckoner. PopMatrix is a unique visual technology that consists of carbon fibers which are permanently in tension due to the unique concave geometry through the taper of the shaft. The idea of this is to get easy loading, more efficient energy transfer and a faster snap back as quickly as possible. CCM has been able to come up with quantifiable measurements to show that the 47K has the highest release rate from a CCM stick at its price point. The performance fibers that are found in the rib are also protected by an outer layer composed of protective fibers to put durability issues to rest. This all translates into less effort required to load the fibers of the shaft, which results in a load, release, and feel unlike any other on the market.

As far a construction goes, the 47K is composed with a fuse construction made with a CCM proprietary blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass throughout the entirety of the stick. The material composition is what separates the 49K to the 47K; the 49K uses a bit higher quality materials which is a factor in performance and weight. The orientation of the fibers in the 47K creates the 3:1 High Power Taper Ratio, which means that it has a stiffer top and bottom in relation to the front and back of the shaft. This results in less twisting on shots and more direct power transfer.

Moving down to the blade, the 47K comes equipped with Ascent Blade. As CCM’s dangler stick, they really wanted to promote that great feel any puck handler would desire, so to achieve this the Ascent Blade is composed of a premium foam that provides an incredibly soft feel. And although it’s meant to provide great feel, the fact that the blade increases in stiffness from heel to toe provides hard, accurate and quick releasing shots off the toe.


Friday, 19 June 2015
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